Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Cookies

Ella and Miller (especially Ella) love to have friends over after school.  The problem is that they get so excited and are so loud and run all over the house.  Which means poor Sara Wells never gets a nap.
I know, hard to believe, the Lee Kids being loud.  But it is true, they often keep their sister up.
 I can only push off the inevitable for so long, so when I finally do cave, I try to think of something to keep their attention at least for a little while.  
 Who doesn't love making pink cookies for Valentine's Day
 and decorating with (and eating) Valentine M&M's?
 Nothing like a good sugar cookie, dyed pink with M&M's on top
 The girls enjoyed them.
 And so did Miller.  Every single
 last bite!

Added bonus, Sara Wells stayed asleep all afternoon!

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