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Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 Pictures

Four pictures from the weekend that describe The Lee Kids PERFECTLY!

Hot Cocoa!  Ella and Miller love hot chocolate and love to pretend that everything is "hot cocoa."  So, when Miller saw this "hot cocoa" shirt at the store, he had to have it.  Usually I do not give in to begging at the store, but who could deny a little boy this awesome t-shirt!  Don't worry, Miller's hot chocolate has the exact number of marshmallows as is on his shirt!

Ella's Handstand.  This year in gymnastics has been a little different from her previous years because you do not move on to a different class until you finish all the skills, where before you moved up with your age.  Ella has been practicing her gymnastics every night, she does not forget about even when I do!  Two nights ago, it all just clicked with her handstand.  She has been really good at handstands, I usually just have to help stop her legs so she does not flip over all the way.  But she nailed it all on her own!  And now she has IT.  I was really hoping to capture her gigantic smile, but her skirt blocked her face.  (Also notice Sara Wells on the side in Ella's skirt.  You never know what this girl is going to enter a room wearing!  Lately she has been into Ella's clothes).

Oh Angry Birds!  I know I have said before that Miller is obsessed with Angry Birds.  Well, Miller is also obsessed with having t-shirts that promote whatever he is obsessed with (what 4 year old boy isn't).  Well, this t-shirt was a long time coming.  One day we were at the store to get it and because of his bad attitude we did not get it.  Another day we went to the store just to get it and, you guessed it, they did not have his size.  I told him we would order it on-line and for some reason the shirt he wanted could not be ordered.  So, I searched around a little and found that Kohls carries Angry Bird shirts for kids.  Miller survived a torturous day of errand running and was finally rewarded with his Angry Bird t-shirt (don't worry, he got one for Murray so they could wear them together).  I did not allow him to wear it to church today, but those are the only 4 hours he has not had it on since we spotted it at the store.  Here is Miller being Angry.

Side Ponytails...  What 2 year old knows about side ponytails?  And not only knows about them but will not stop crying until I at least try to put her hair in one?  Our Two Year Old!  Little Miss Priss wants to be just like her big sister!  If Ella's hair can go in a side ponytail then so can hers, does not matter that Ella's hair is about 8 inches longer!  Tim Gunn would have been proud because I Made It Work!  And do you see the joy on both of their faces?  

Oh What a Weekend at the Lee House!

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  1. Thomas has that hot chocolate shirt too and would wear it very day if I didn't insist on cleaning it.