Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Minute Trip

We took a surprise, last minute trip to the lake to celebrate President's Weekend (well really just the day).  The kids were thrilled.
I will be honest, it was great to get away, even if for a day, and enjoy a beautiful fire (which we sooooooo miss from our old house!).  And by enjoy I mean we built the fire, the kids roasted marshmallows and had hot chocolate and then we turned on a movie so that Murray and I could sit and enjoy the fire together, just by ourselves.  I think Murray may have even dosed off for a few minutes.
After Murray and I snapped back into reality and realized that we had three hungry children, we rounded up the troupes and made homemade pizzas.  Ella and Miller have been pros in the kitchen for awhile.  
Sara Wells has finally gotten to the point where she can help some without making a complete mess.
Although we still have to keep pretty close eyes on this little one.
There is nothing like taking a little break from craziness,
spending laid-back, time together
and then taking a little bit of that craziness with you where ever you go!


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  2. What a fun get-a-way. I love Sara Wells' new look!