Friday, February 3, 2012


This morning on the way to school, everything was great.  Ella was bee bopping away in the "way back" to her Covenant Day School cd.  After a few minutes, I realized it had gotten quiet in the back.  When I looked back I realized Ella had transformed into a very quiet and even sad little girl.  
 When I asked what was wrong, in her saddest little voice she said, "Mommy, its just that, I really want to fly.  Why can I not fly?"  Pouring her little heart out to me, I answered the best way I knew how, "that is just not how God made us.  God did not make us to fly."  She seemed to take it all in pretty good, but followed up with, "how long does it take to get to Pixie Hollow?"
 So sad to break her little heart that she will not ever fly.

However, this little guy does not realize he cannot fly through the night
 saving the world.
 So for now, we will let him be Miller by day 
 and Batman by night.

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