Saturday, October 8, 2011


We have had a few visitors at our house this weekend...

A Dragon
A family of Bats
The Lee kids love to decorate for any occasion!  This past week, every time we have gone into a store Miller asks all of the workers if they are getting ready for Halloween.  I thought my pumpkins (that the kids picked out) and candles on the dining room table were going to be enough to satisfy the kid's decoration desires.  I was wrong.  They kept asking for more and coming up with lots of suggestions for me.  Trying to think of something easy, inexpensive and (hopefully) already on hand, I remembered this idea from a blog from last year.  I remember thinking, "I would never cut out all those bats."  But, when you know how happy your kids will be, it does not seem like a big deal.  (It really only took about 20 minutes, including tracing time.  And I just cut them out while sitting outside while the kids played in the driveway)  I wish I could have cut out more, but that was all the black construction paper I had.  

A Pirate
A Fancy Lady
Sara Wells wanted to make sure that all of our guests were adequately fed.
Sara Wells has learned how to open the refrigerator.
It is about to drive me crazy!!!  This is how I find her most of the time.


  1. With all your visitors, I hope I will have a place to sleep when I come down this month!!! Love Fancy Lady's shoes!

  2. Was in Birmingham this past weekend and drove over to Hillard to see your house. OUCH!!! Sorry I missed seeing you!