Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Pumpkin is Ready

Our Jack-O-Lantern is now carved,
but it was a bit of a process to get there.

Saturday afternoon we woke Sara Wells up from her nap (you can see the kind of 
dazed look on SW's face) and got ready to carve our pumpkin!
Don't worry, Miller holding the knife was only a pose for the picture.
 Ella explained to Sara Wells how the whole process was going to work.
 First we draw our ideas for the Jack-O-Lantern
 We choose our favorite and then draw it on the pumpkin for Daddy to carve.
Sweet Ella chose Miller's.  Unfortunately the design was not quite big enough for carving.
 Daddy draws the face on.
 And cuts off the top.
 And then the fun begins...
Dig out the "gooey stuff."
 As hard as they tried, the spoons just did not get the job done.
 They had to go in with their hands.
Miller was not thrilled about that.
 I'll be honest, I agree with Miller.  It is pretty slimy and gross.
 Then Daddy starts the carving.
I love Sara Wells' face in this picture.  She was very into the carving!
 Our pumpkin carver disappeared in all of our recent moves, 
so the carving took a little bit longer than normal...
But we finally got a pumpkin that everyone is happy with!
Now we just need our Trick-or-Treaters!

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