Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old Baker's Farm

Yesterday I went with Miller on his class field trip to Old Baker's Farm.
 We had so many people praying that Miller would be able to go on this trip.
 The beginning of last week Miller's asthma really flared up.
When he first got sick I thought, "I hope this does not keep Miller from his class field trip."  But it seemed so far away and there was plenty of time to recover.  When Miller was still sick Saturday, Sunday and then Monday, I began to get worried for him.
 Miller's class theme this year is The Farm, so they have been talking about 
their trip to the farm since the first day of school.
Miller has been talking about the trip to the farm non-stop since then too.
 Miller has had to miss a lot of things because of his asthma, but he has never really 
known that he was missing anything.
He would have known he missed the trip to the farm.
 Praise the Lord that he got to go!
 I think I was way more excited about Miller going on this trip than he was.
 Miller had a great time, with no coughing!
 He searched hard to find that perfect pumpkin.
 And ended up finding 2 perfect pumpkins.
 This little cowboy brings so much joy to my life!!!!

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