Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Murray's birthday was Monday.  We had planned on having a family birthday party Monday night and Monday for lunch just Murray and I were going to go out for a birthday lunch.  But as anyone with kids knows, plans can change very quickly.
Miller ended up having to stay home from school because of his asthma. 
 Then I thought if he is home, I might as well keep Sara Wells with me too since I would no longer get anything done that I would do kidless.  So, our birthday lunch now included two more.   
And then I thought, if we have 2 we might as well get Ella out of school and have her join us too (she only missed lunch and the last 30 minutes).  Plus, I left her school bag sitting on the kitchen counter.  
As we were driving to school I told everyone the plans.  Then Daddy called declaring where he would really love to have his Birthday Lunch.

Chuck E. Cheese!
What a good Daddy!
The kids had a blast.
 And I think Daddy did too!
 After lunch the kids and I rushed home to get ready for the party that night.
As I have said before, Ella and Miller love to decorate!  So, to get to this point took about an hour.
 About 45 minutes longer than I had anticipate. 
 For his birthday cake, Murray requested Key Lime Pie.
Here are a few of Ella's photo journal of the beginning festivities.
 Even one of herself...
 Inspired by his Chuck E. Cheese prize, Miller celebrated Daddy's birthday ninja style.
 From Miller: Angry Bird
Miller has had his eye on these for sometime and finally found the perfect excuse to get one.
 From all the Lee Kids:  Super Hero Cape!
Now Daddy has a cape just like Ella and Miller.
Happy Birthday Murray!
We love you!

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