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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wrapping Up

Sadly, today was the last day of swimming lessons.  I am definitely going to miss spending the whole morning lazily at the pool.  Ella and Miller's toes will enjoy the break though.  Don't you remember swimming for so long and so many days in a row that the skin comes off your toes.  When Ella started complaining about her toes hurting I was immediately taken back to my childhood and could feel that pain.  Don't worry, it was not bad enough to keep them out of the pool.
Fortunately for me since I had all three kids at the pool by myself, Sara Wells was pretty timid around the pool.  

She spent most of swim lessons like this, eating and eating.  I took this picture because it was so hilarious watching her trying to get her animal crackers in her mouth with her puddle jumper on.  I felt bad leaving it on, but she was up and down, up and down and I never knew when her curiosity might turn into confidence.
When I realized that I was in the clear and she was not going near the water without me, I finally took the puddle jumper off which provided entertainment for the second half of swim lessons.  Sara Wells loves doing buckles!
Murray joined us last night, so to celebrate the whole family being together we went for a boat cruise to the dam to fish for catfish.  No fish were caught, which brought on a few tears from Miller.  But a promise from Daddy to have a special Daddy/son fishing trip Saturday morning quickly dried up the tears.
Murray sat back and watched the kids fish daydreaming of all the fishing trips in their future.  We try to not force the kids into what they like, but there is always excitement deep down when they start loving something that you know you will share together for a lifetime.
Miller's biggest excitement of the day was his new shark.  Miller and Ella have been working very hard on their workbooks so far this summer.  I promised Ella when we started that when she finished hers, we would go and get pedicures.  She is working very hard and about half way there.  Miller finally caught on that he needed a big reward.  We were at the store a couple of weeks ago and he saw an awesome shark that he wanted soooo bad and is still talking about weeks later, so that became his reward.  With the shark at stake, Miller worked with new motivation.  Miller finished his workbook yesterday afternoon and Murray just happened to have the shark in the car with him when he arrived.  You would have thought it was christmas morning when Miller opened the bag.
After their final swim lesson today, we celebrated with a trip to Chuck's.  Chuck's is our favorite place to eat on the lake.  You walk up and order pizza and eat outside looking over the lake.  The best way I know how to describe it is a laid back Key West on the lake.  When we arrived, the kids were not in the best spirits...
 But a little bit of Chuck's yummy, yummy pizza cured that!

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