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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Fun

Those chocolate covered pretzels that we made a few weeks ago were so good I just could not get them off my mind.  So, we made some more!  Just in case you are wondering, one bag of chocolate chips adequately covers one bag of pretzels.  The kids took half of the bag to Murray's grandmother and we kept the other half of the bag.  Little do the kids know that I have already eaten almost half of our stash!  I am telling you these things are addicting.  Maybe I should give them some tomorrow so that when they ask where all the chocolate pretzels are I don't have to tell them that I ate them all!

Do you see Miller's cheeks full of pretzels?  

Eg and Papa came over for dinner last night.  The night was a night of firsts for the kids...

The First first, Leg Wrestling.  Little did you all know that Murray's Dad is a world famous leg wrestler --he has never lost!  He thought it was time to introduce the kids to the art of Leg Wrestling.  Papa remains victorious, although Miller did come pretty close to ending Papa's streak.
The Second first, catching lightening bugs.  I know, hard to believe that Ella and Miller have never caught lightening bugs, but I love their 7:30 bed time, so they are rarely up late enough in the summer for the lightening bugs to be out.  As you can imagine, Ella and Miller totally got into it!
Murray caught the first lightening bug.  Unfortunately, I did not quite get all the water out of the jar from the flowers and our first little bug drowned pretty quickly:(
Second bug caught, Ella and Miller were very cautious getting the bug in the jar.  However, someone (don't know who) held on to that bug too tight and he did not make it in the jar either.
I caught the third lightening bug.  You can imagine how thrilled the kids were.  We did not have a top to the jar (you would think in a move tops would stay with jars, but that would be too easy).  I think I got distracted as either Ella or Miller started chasing another lightening bug and my little bug slipped through my fingers out of the jar.

There just were not that many lightening bugs out last night.  We finally had to end the night with no lightening bugs in the jar:(  Ella was sooooo disappointed.  
 Sweet Miller helped Ella refocus by pointing out some remaining lightening bug on her hand.

Ella got her first bike helmet when she got her bike.  Miller does not have a bike yet, so I have not gotten him a helmet.  He does however have a scooter.  I know they are supposed to wear helmets with scooters and I am pretty good about keeping one on Ella, but it is such an ordeal with Miller.  He hates to wear them.  It probably has a lot to do with the fact that at first I made him wear Ella's and then when we discovered it was too small, I told him he could wear mine.  Don't worry mine is not pink or purple (although Ella's is).  I really did think Miller would like it because it is blue (he loves anything blue or green).  If only I had not told him it was mine!  Every time I try to get him to wear the helmet he immediately spirals downward into a fit of whining and complaining, saying "it's girly, I don't want to wear it."  I received the Target flier in the mail yesterday and saw these really cool dinosaur bike helmets.   I showed Miller the picture and asked him if I got him this helmet would he be excited about wearing it?  I know my son well enough to know what his answer would be.  However, I did not think he would be quite so excited.  He kept his "magazine" with him all night and all morning until we got to target and he finally found the helmets.  As he was searching, he found one even better than a dinosaur, A Shark!  Here are Miller's best shark poses...
Hope yall are having a great weekend!

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  1. I LOVE the fireflies!There are 3 nights of "firefliy" gatherings at Elkmont in the Smoky Mountains. I want so badly for Daveney and Thompson to get old enough to come and be able to last through a night of sightings and really enjoy this!
    Such fun to see your sweet ones getting into them!