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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daddy's Home!!!

Murray came home this weekend!  Ella, Miller and Sara Wells were thrilled!  Murray flew into Atlanta Sunday afternoon and met us at the lake Sunday night.  As soon as we got home from church Ella ran into her room, changed clothes and packed her bag (the fashionista dressed herself in her Strawberry Shortcake costume, she took the hat off for the picture, Hello Kitty socks and crocs.  Doesn't get much more creative than that.).  Ella did a great job packing, this was her first time.  She only needed a little guidance, but "no help."  I told her she needed two outfits and clothes for Dance camp.  She picked out two skirts and t-shirts, matching ribbons, the proper undergarments, flip-flops, bathing suit and her tutu(really a bathing suit that she loves to wear as a ballerina tutu) and a dress up costume to choose from for dance camp.  I think she was more prepared than me.
Murray got home right before the kids went to bed.  The first words out of Miller's mouth when he saw Murray were, "Daddy, your home!  Do you have our prize?"  Every time Miller talked to Murray over the last 10 days, he made sure that Murray did not forget to bring him home a prize.  The kids were so excited about Murray being home, excited about their prizes and dog tired that I did not capture that perfect "welcome home, we are so excited to see you" picture.  But these pictures are perfect for our family - here is a picture of what life is really like at the Lee House!
 One final attempt...
We are so glad to have Murray home!!!!!  Life is just not right when he is not here.  Daddy makes everything better!

Miller had a little bit of a hard time since he could not swim because of his 
ruptured ear drum, so we pulled out the big toys for him!  
And Sara Wells loved the wave runner!
But not so much the lake...
Her first little toe in to see what Ella and Miller love so much.
She was pretty brave at first, going right in with Papa.  This picture is moments before the life jacket threw her forward.  (I am taking any advice of the best swim gear for 18 to 24 month olds who are not content to sit in a float.  I can tell you this one is not your best option!)
"Whew!  Get me out of that water!"
"Awwwww, don't think I can go under in this!"
Sara Wells spent about 20 minutes getting in and out of the pool and then proceeding to get every piece of grass out of the pool that she brought in.  If only all the kids could be entertained like that.
"Don't put me back in the lake!"
I actually kind of like the fact that she got so scared in the lake so that now she will not be overconfident around the water.  A little fear is very healthy (and helpful for mommy) at this age!!!
Sweet Sisters
Hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend!

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