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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Ella and Miller get very excited about special days, especially if that means giving presents.  This morning, you could tell that they were so happy for Daddy to have his special day and that they got to give him gifts.  But it was very interesting throughout the day to see how they tried interpreted Father's Day.

Ella's interpretation:
As I have mentioned before, you can always count on a good one-liner from Ella during church.  And it always kills me because it is hilarious and I want to die laughing, but I cannot share it with anyone.  Today during the worship service as Murray finished praying for the fathers in our church (or it could have been during the prayer, I cannot remember) Ella leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, 

"Today is Father's Day.  That means we get to celebrate Daddy."  

She looked at me a smiled like she was so happy for Daddy, which she was.  Then she came to a very logical conclusion for a child.  

She smiled with that excited look in her eyes and leaned in to tell me more of her thoughts, "Soon it will be Kid's Day and you will give us presents."  

I might have actually laughed out loud a little bit, I cannot remember.  But of course that makes sense in her mind.  I also laughed because my gut answer would have been, "I thought everyday was Kid's Day?"  You work and work to do things to make your kids (at least small kids) happy and you still end up with whining and complaining.  Sort of like taking pictures of your kids, you do the craziest things to make them smile and laugh and all you get is this...

Miller's Interpretation:
Later today as I changed Miller out of his church clothes he said, 

"Today is Father's Day for Daddy right?"  

I told him it was.  

Then he said, "When I am going to be a Daddy to celebrate Father's Day?"  

I told him "Well, first you have to grow up and get married and then you can have kids of your own."  

And he answered, "Then I will have my own Miller's?  And my own Ella's and Sara Wellsey's?"
Both so sweet and so cute.   Think their Daddy hung the moon.  So happy to celebrate a day just for him.  Both trying to figure out in their little minds what it means to have a day to celebrate Daddy.

Murray enjoyed a nice long back rub from his two girls today.  One of the ways they tried to make Daddy's Day extra special.

Happy Father's Day Murray!
We love you!!!!!

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  1. Adorable children....I love your new picture with the title!