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Monday, May 23, 2011

"Do Your Pose"

Last night at dinner between getting up 57 times to get more milk, more water, napkins, a fork, more chicken... I noticed Ella and Miller talking to Sara Wells and then dying laughing.  I paused from being "busy" to see what had Miller and Ella dying laughing.  Sitting in front of Sara Wells, Ella would say, "Sara Wells, do your pose."  Without fail, Sara Wells stopped everything to flash the cutest, melt your heart smile.  
Then they all fell apart laughing.  It is really fun to see them all three interacting together.  Especially Sara Wells.  Usually it is Ella and Miller trying to take care of Sara Wells (which usually produces tears), Sara Wells taking their toys(always produces tears, sometimes hitting) or Miller and Ella taking Sara Wells toys (always produces tears with kicking and screaming).  But with this little game they have started, Sara Wells knows that she is being cute and is the focus of all entertainment.  She gets so proud of herself.  This morning with the camera close, I wanted to see if it still had the same effect.

Here is Sara Wells begging for food,which usually cannot be stopped until she has gotten what she wants. (I just realized how bad these pictures make me look.  My daughter is begging for food because she has just woken up and starving and I am snapping pictures dying laughing at how cute she is.  Oh well, she won't remember how hungry she was, but now we will all remember this cute little smile that she gave us.) 

"Sara Wells, do your pose..."
Immediate.  Every time.  It is THE CUTEST thing!

This next picture makes me very sad...
This is my bag packed, ready to go.  But it has not be able to leave yet:(  Murray is out of town and the kids and I plus my mom have been planning to go to Iowa to visit my brother and his family since Murray planned his trip.  We planned this trip because we had to cancel our trip to Iowa at Christmas because of sicknesses.  We were supposed to leave early this morning and make the 12+ hour drive today (me, my mom, 3 kids and the dog - don't be jealous!).  But with the horrible weather that is going on in the midwest, we postponed the trip a day.  There are still storms forecasted tomorrow, but later in the afternoon.  So, my new plan was to leave super early Tuesday morning to try to get through St. Louis before the storms hit.  Well, tonight as I gave Miller his bath he started to complain about his ear.  Within 3 minute he had completely come undone by the pain.  This is the boy who when we go to the doctor for a normal check up, they look in his ear, tell me that he has a horrible ear infection and I am completely clueless.  So, I knew if he complained about his ear hurting it must be pretty bad.  A neighbor (who is a doctor) looked in his ear and confirmed, yes he does have an ear infection, but would not give a prescription.  I called Miller's doctor (who knows our doctor neighbor) fingers crossed, hoping he would call in the prescription.  Nope.  Have to be seen early in the morning.  Sadly, that means that we are having to postpone our Iowa trip another day, maybe two because as of now they are saying 'tornados likely' right on our driving path for Wednesday.  I am sooo sad, but am trying to have a good perspective and a good heart.  I have done pretty good dealing with our house situation, being in rental and being in total limbo resting that God is in control of that situation.  But for some reason, this has been much harder.  I have been asking myself, "what does this expose about my heart?"  It is a trust issue.  Do I really believe that God has my very best in mind?  Sure, it is ok to be sad that my plans are falling apart.  But I have to rest in God's sovereign plan, even when it is different than mine.  If I trust God, I have to believe (with my mind and heart) that these changes in our plans are the VERY best for our family, even when I don't understand why.

For the kids, this just means more time at our house with Granna.  Lots of puzzels, reading, art and of course Chick-fil-a!


  1. Although I wish so much we could have spent the week with Rich, Jacqueline, and Parker in Iowa, I am having a wonderful time with you and the children as we play, read stories, go for walks, etc. I love being "Granna."

  2. You know we love you all, but "Chick-fil-A"?! Oh, pull at our heartstrings ; ) !

    Hope y'all have a lovely trip as soon as you get to go, lots of hugs to Miller!

    Always in our thoughts, big hugs...
    Jon, Doty and fam

  3. if only your chick-fil-a was here, we would see you at least once, maybe twice a week!!!