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Monday, May 16, 2011

Finishing Strong

This weekend was Ella's last soccer game.  When the season started 8 weeks in a row seemed like a very long time.  But with a rained out game, a stomach bug and a tornado, the season flew by.  I think Ella had a fun time.  In hind sight I wish I would have signed her up for a team that was all girls.  Her team was made up of 5 and 6 year old boys and girls.  All of the boys on her team were a year older than her and much faster!  She got discouraged that she did not get to kick the ball very much.  But I will say her last game she did awesome.  She got right in there and pushed (in an aggressive, not mean way) those boys out of her way and took control of the ball.  At the end of the game she was so proud of herself.  She was and is most proud of her trophy.  The next morning Ella was in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready.  Admiring her trophy she said, "Mommy are you so proud of me for getting a trophy?  I did really good in soccer didn't I?"  The trophy is never far from Ella.  I may be reading way too much into it, but as a parent it is really neat to watch your child work really hard all season, even when they were not having the best time, and then be so proud of what they accomplished.  

A few action shots from the last game.

 Go Team Lightening!

In other news at the Lee House.  Things are slowly starting to get back to normal.  One of the Lee kids' (especially Ella) favorite activities is to put music on and dance.  Ella always has to have on a costume if she is going to dance which means that Miller has to have dress up on as well.  Ella chose her bathing suit today, so Miller stayed in the theme and found his sharks bathing suit.  You cannot tell in this picture, but Sara Wells is starting to love to dance with Ella and Miller.  Tonight was the first dance party in the new house.  There is something about blasting music and moving to the beat that can even make dark paneling and plush brown carpet feel like home:)

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun.....I may need to get my music out and start to move!
    We are looking forward to seeing you and Murray at GA.....we are driving through Roanoke and spending 2 nights with my brother and his wife as we head out. There is a great sewing-smocking store in Richmond (that will be on the way for us) that I want to stop and see......always fun to see what is out there......send me your email address and I will forward the to all of the Lees......Jane