Thursday, May 12, 2011

Long Time

Hello friends!  I am so sorry it has been so long since I have posted any news.  We are now in a rental house, which is NEXT DOOR to our house!  (Could that be any more perfect?  The only catch is that it is For Sale, so I have to be ready to show the house.)  We just got the internet up and running, which is why there have been no updates.  It has also been a little crazy around here.  We still have no news on our house, so we are just trying to get comfortable in the rental.  I told Murray last night, the wall to wall plush carpeting takes me back to my childhood and there is something comforting in that:).

I realized in the midst of all this craziness (even the hectic rush to finish Easter outfits, before the storm) there are so many things that I have not blogged about that I have wanted to, Ella's birthday, Chloe and Fitz's birthday, Easter and a few easy projects.  So maybe over the next few days (or weeks) I will catch up.

I thought I would start with pictures from Easter.  I will warn you though, there is no good picture of everyone.  I don't know what it is about Easter, but it just never works out in our family to get a good picture.  I tried and tried, but it was just not in the cards.  The pictures are pretty funny though.

The Lee Kids
My Favorite Picture of the Day
 The Lee Kids with the Baker Kids
 Sweet Sara Wells loving all the attention!
 Chloe and Fitz
 All the Cousins

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  1. Adorable pictures Kim.....just so cute! The Easter outfits are beautiful....would love to see a close-up of those! The family pictures are dear......and I LOVE your hair cut! Our love to you and Murray....Jane

    ps.....God is so good.....when we had our house fire back in 1989 we had to move out and the house God provided for us was right next-door to ours! So Jim could over-see the construction work and then run back to his study! Takes me back to our memories!