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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

One thing you can count on at the Lee Household, you will not get bored!  Sunday evening Murray came home as we were about eat dinner.  On his way home he stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  We tend to forget how big Ella is and that things on the counter are no longer "safe."  Murray left his medicine on the counter and did not think about it again until we were getting everyone rounded up for bed.  When he went to get his medicine it was in a different spot.  Murray immediately opened the bottles and counted the pills.  The first bottle had the correct amount of pills.  The second bottle was missing 5 pills.  After interrogating Ella thoroughly, we felt pretty confident that she was telling the truth and did not take the pills, but after a phone call to poison control we knew we could not take the word of a 4 year old on this matter.  So, Murray loaded up Ella and Miller for and "adventure."  Only when they got in the car did Murray inform them that the adventure was the the Emergency Room.  Miller has been to the Emergency Room enough to know it was not quite the adventure he was expecting.  Ella, the sweet loving big sister, assured Miller the entire time.  Since the medicine in question was blood pressure medicine, the doctors took immediate action.  Ella and Miller got cool new bracelets (id bands), special band-aids that glowed (heart rate monitors) and got to wear really cool arm bands that measured the muscles (blood pressure cuffs).  

In the end, they were just fine!  The pharmacy counted the pills wrong.  I will say that Ella and Miller learned a big lesson about playing with medicine.  And Murray and I learned an even bigger one!  You cannot be too careful.  They will get into anything!!!!


  1. I am sure that hospital staff had the treat of a lifetime with those kids.......all in a day! As a mom you have to be ready for anything!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! They are too cute in that little bed together. So glad everything turned out ok!