Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!
 Everybody had costume preparations...

Ella transformed into a bride.

 Miller transformed into Buzz Lightyear.

I'll get you with my laser (we taped a flashlight to his arm, which he absolutely loved!!!)
 To Infinity
And Beyond
 Our mini Mini
 This picture is very typical of our days.  Ella and Miller make sure that Sara Wells is taken care of at all times.

 I can just imagine what Sara Wells is thinking, "Ok Mommy, I have been very cooperative.  Now get me out of here!"
The Trick-or-Treating Gang:  Buzz Lightyear, Dora the Explorer, Ella the Bride, Boots and Mini Mouse
 They knew exactly what to do.

As much as Miller and Ella loved their costumes, we ended up wearing the nonessentials.  Anything that hindered candy getting was discarded.

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  1. so adorable! Beth came with her two and we were able to share trick-or-treating with them here in Knoxville.....we had a blast!