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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Am I Needed?

The kids are growing faster than seems possible...

Ella is making lunch for us all...
 Miller is taking care of Sara Wells (she really was happy, just did not capture it well)...
 Do they even need me?

If I left you with just these pictures, I feel that I would be being a little dishonest.  These pictures make it seem as if I might have it all together, however yesterday was anything but all together!  Some days as a mom are better than others.  Yesterday was one of those days that was just really not that great.  For some reason I just got really overwhelmed with everything and as a result I was not the sweetest mommy to my kids.  It is on days like yesterday that I am reminded that I cannot do this on my own.  I tend to get going in the day to day of making lunches, changing diapers, brushing teeth, fixing hair, doing laundry, doing dishes... that I forget where my strength comes from.  My strength comes from the Lord!  When I start relying on myself I have days like I had yesterday.  He showed me the depth of my weakness (at least as much as I could handle) and my need for Him daily in the small mundane things just as much as in the "big" things.  As hard as yesterday was, I need days like yesterday to remind me of my desperate need of the Lord and his mercy and grace everyday.

Today was a reminder that His mercies are new every morning.  Today I felt filled with joy with a new strength and new patience that was not my own!  Thank you Lord for continuing to be gracious to me despite my sin!

Tonight we had precious memories with our children.  Ella and Miller love to help their daddy build fires at night, so the first fire of the season is always an exciting night.  I know I will cherish these sweet memories forever!


  1. Such sweet pictures Kim! I am so glad you posted about having a bad day! Sometimes I feel like such a terrible mom because I just get overwhelmed with everyday life. I know there are days when my kids watch too much TV and I certainly don't show them the same kindness that I try to teach them to show others. It's definitely nice to be reminded that I'm not the only one that has bad days. And thank goodness for prayer and God's love for us!!

  2. Great post. What a blessing for your children to see a Mom that needs the Lord. It is a great reminder to them to do the the Lord and He will be be their strength. Your honesty is such an encouragement to me. I love hearing from you!