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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ruffly Tees

Ella and Miller's school's major fundraiser every year is the Fall Festival.  They start sending fliers home the first week of school asking for donations for the silent auction.  I usually skim over them and pass it off as something for other people to do thinking I don't have anything to offer.  As it happened, I got one of the fliers the day I made Ella's cupcake t-shirt .  As I was making it I thought, 'now I could do this for the Fall Festival.'  I went the next day and signed up because I knew if I did not, I would chicken out and not do it.  Their school is so wonderful; the teachers give so much to the kids.   I knew I could sacrifice a little bit of my time to provide something for the auction.  I signed up to provide 3 t-shirts for the auction.  My plan was to do something festive since it is right at the beginning of the holiday season.  My first thought was to do a pumpkin and christmas trees.  After I made the pumpkin t-shirt I thought people might not be as prone to bid on a pumpkin since half of the "pumpkin" wearing season would be over.  So, I made three Christmas Trees for the auction.  

Here is my practice ruffly pumpkin.  I wish that pumpkin was just a little bit higher up on the pumpkin stem, but besides that, it turned out pretty cute.  Ella thinks so to which works out great for me because that means she will wear it all the time without me forcing her:)
Here are the Ruffly Christmas Tree t-shirts.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I will be making two more for Ella and Sara Wells!  I just hope that everyone at the Fall Festival thinks they are cute and they raise money for the school.  If they don't sell, maybe I will auction them off here and give the money to the school.

If you are going to be at the Covenant Day School Fall Festival, look for these tees!  They are size 18 m, 3T, 4T.


  1. Can I order two? My mom is coming up next week and she could bring them so there would be no shipping. . . I could send a check made out to Covenant Day School? Sizes 3T and 6? What do you say?

  2. Kim, I just think you found yourself a little business! If you ever start making those to sell, let me know because I love them!!! So super cute and simple!!!!

  3. You are so talented. The shirts are precious!

  4. Those are adorable! Tate and mary carter might need those!