Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday Murray!!!
Murray's birthday was actually Sunday.  I am so late in posting because we have gone to bed at 9:00 the last two nights.  Yes, 9:00.  Glorious!!!!  But, since the Lee Family tradition is to celebrates the whole birthday month, I am not really late.  With his birthday falling on Sunday, Murray got to have an entire birthday weekend.  For his birthday weekend, we went to the lake.  The kids were very excited to go to the lake to celebrate Daddy's Birthday!

Loaded up and ready to go

Ella and Miller took very seriously the decorating of the birthday pie (chocolate pecan per Murray's request)

Family weekend means The Babies were there!  We all know that Ella was thrilled...
But so was Miller (kind of hard to tell in these pics, but he was loving making Fitz die laughing)...

And Sara Wells!
It is official the Lee Children love babies!

We made it home Saturday night just in time to have baths and watch to Alabama game (thank goodness for DVR).  This is what it looks like at the Lee House when Alabama plays anywhere close to dinner time.

What a birthday weekend!  Happy Birthday to the best Husband and Daddy EVER!!!!  We love you!

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