Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Garden

For about a month we have been talking about planting a fall garden.  Ella has been most excited about planting "baby lettuces" (brussel sprouts).  For some reason, Ella loves brussel sprouts.  Don't know why, but I definitely want to do whatever I can to encourage her love for interesting vegetables.   Honestly, we have had the most crazy fall.  Either Murray or I or both of us have been gone for the past four weekends, so I really thought we were not going plant the garden.  But Murray came home today with a big surprise for us all.  He lowered the back of his truck to reveal several flats of vegetables.  Murray, Miller and Ella planted collards, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts.  Hopefully our fall garden will yield more than our summer garden.  (sorry some of the pictures have a glare, I took them from inside the kitchen window)  

 Sara Wells' new love, markers!  Miller has over night developed a love for coloring, I mean LOVE!  So, there are now always markers out on the table.  They are Sara Wells favorite toys.  Miller can color for hours and Sara Wells can play with markers for hours (well maybe only minutes, but minutes of happy occupation seem like hours).  So far she has not figured out how to take the tops off.  That will be a sad day for everyone because there will be no more markers to play with.  For now, we will enjoy the fun!

Miller came home from school two weeks ago and just started coloring.  Not his usual pick up a marker, scribble all over the page for 5 seconds, throw the marker down and walk away.  He colored for probably 30 min, as "in the lines" as a 2 1/2 year old boy can do.  It is all he wants to do now.  He has even passed up wrestling with Murray (his very favorite thing to do) to color.  We may have another artist in the family.

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