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Saturday, April 3, 2010

More babies in our Future:)

Don't worry, not ours. Murray's sister, Wellon, is 33 weeks pregnant with twins! Ella and Miller are thrilled about the arrival of Chloe and Fitz. Ella cannot wait to have two more babies to hold! There will be pictures soon, but for now we will just have to imagine these precious babies in their new onsies.

Funny story: If you look closely at Chloe's onsie, there is a dark spot above the "l". Typical me, I started these the night before Wellon's shower (I was actually late to the shower because about an hour before we were supposed to be there I decided to add the stitching at the top, which I think totally makes it!) Anyways, it was a Thursday night so of course I was watching Project Runway while still enjoying my glass of red wine from dinner. When I finished Chloe's, I held it up to get the full picture. Right above the "l" was the dot from the marking pen where I marked the middle and I really wanted to see what it looked like without the giant blue dot. Now, the right thing to do would have been to take 5 seconds, get up off the couch and get a wet paper towel. But as I said I was comfortable on the couch watching Project Runway and did not want to get up. I debated my next action, but figured it would be ok for such a small spot so I just licked the dot off. Well, the marking pen came off, but I left a little bit of my red wine on Chloe's onsie. Hopefully it will come out when Wellon washes it. If not, at least Chloe will know I was really enjoying myself when I made her present!


  1. Too funny. The onesies are precious!

  2. How familiar! Except when I have "dabbed" Thompson's and Daveney's clothes instead of using water to remove my pen markings you may even see a little chocolate! This is great much fun! You will be a great advisor!!!

  3. We love our precious onesies and can't wait to see the kiddos in them! Classic Lee story--red wine makes everything better :)