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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Brother Love

Miller has loved Sara Wells since the minute he met her in the hospital, but he has not always been that interested. He would give her a kiss or hug and that was about all he wanted to do with her. Not that he did not love her, he was just kind of indifferent. Ella, as we all know, has been the very opposite of indifferent! She is never far from Sara Wells. So, while Miller was somewhat indifferent, I think that was just one area he did not care to compete with Ella so he let Ella have all the fun with Sara Wells. Sara Wells is now staying awake longer and is a much bigger part of our days. So one, Ella's attention is falling away a little bit (don't get me wrong she is still obsessed, but she moves onto other things in the course of Sara Wells's awake time). And two, Miller is realizing how much fun it is to be an older brother! Today Ella stayed with Murray after church so Miller had time with just Sara Wells. I asked Miller if he wanted to read to Sara Wells while I got lunch ready. His answer, "oh yes Mommy. You go." After I walked away I even heard him shut the door. He sat in her room and read to her for about 15 minutes. Honestly, this is probably the first time Miller has stayed in one place doing one thing for 15 minutes besides watching a movie.

This is a terrible picture because I was trying to take it without him noticing to catch him in full action. It is hard to tell but he is reading her his Thomas book, singing all the songs. It is very easy to notice that he has pulled out every book in the book shelf, he probably read them all. He even got out a toy and put it on Sara Wells so that she could have something to play with! Melts my heart! Miller may be wild and crazy but he has got the sweetest heart! This was the first time I have left him alone with Sara Wells, so I was a little nervous how it might turn out. But you can imagine the bubble that crept up in my throat when I peeked in and saw this!


  1. These are the moments that you cherish as a Mom! This is SO DEAR......I think times like this are what the Bible means when it says "Mary pondered these things in her heart"...

  2. So sweet Kim! I love that he put a stuffed animal on her belly. I can't wait for Thomas and Michael to play together!