Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Thirty, Flirty and Thriving"

Well, Monday was a big day for me. I entered into my thirties. And Murray helped me enter in with a bang! My mom is in town and she took me out Monday afternoon shopping. We came home to a living room with friends yelling SURPRISE! I was so surprised and had the most wonderful evening! Murray did a fantastic job in keeping a secret and pulling it all together. Ella and Miller had a blast; they were absolutely thrilled to be able to help! Thank you Murray and everyone who helped make this special night!

Here are some pictures from this week.

Daddy and his girls

You can really tell in this picture how big Sara Wells is getting. Ella is having a little bit more trouble holding Sara Wells. However, that does not stop her! She still loves her sister soooo much!

Ella all geared up for a Pinkalicious birthday party


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Kim! I am so glad your Mom was able to be there and share it with you.

  2. Happy birthday (a little late)! Hope you've had a WONDERFUL week, my friend!

  3. Happy Belated!!!! How does 30 feel???? Hope you had a Great birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! These are the cutest pics!! Way to go, Murray!