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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I think it is so funny that almost everyone has asked about my shorts pattern because were I reading this post, I would have asked the same thing. Unfortunately, I don't have a good answer for you. I was just talking to a friend/fellow sewer about this the other day. There just is not a great pattern out there for boys shorts. She suggested the Britches and Bloomers pants pattern and just cut off the length. The sewing shop I go to most frequently suggests the Children's Corner Michael pattern, which is what I used (kind of). I used it for Miller's pants this past winter, so I had gotten the width right, but was not happy with the inseam of his pants. So, I used a pair of store-bought shorts and the "adjusted" Michael pattern to make my own pattern. This is the reason I was not as productive as I had hoped because it took me a couple of tries to get it right. Miller loves pants with pockets so I decided to tackle pockets with this new pattern.

My first attempt with pockets on the outside I forgot to take into account the waistband when cutting out the length of the pocket.

I actually love these shorts, the pockets are just too small and the shorts are too long - both of which can be fixed. But I am sooo glad I did not just cut out all the shorts before I tried these on Miller!

So, the next night I made adjustments and tried two more pairs and went for "inside" pockets which required a little more thinking. And in all that thinking I somehow messed up the pocket length again! You would think I would not make the same mistake again, but I did! This time the pockets were not as small and I don't think I am going to fix them.

So, all that to say, that is how I came up with my shorts pattern. So sorry I could not be more helpful:( If anyone has a good pattern, please share with us all!


  1. So helpful! Thanks for sharing your tips.....I just cut out the 3 pair of madras shorts for Thompson and am putting them together as I write this......I cut the Britches and Bloomers pattern down to 4 inches on the inseam of the leg...then using a double needle I hemmed each leg to a cannot hem them any more because the turn back will get "squished" in the hem and you will have overlapping cloth. I hope this length of shorts works.....Beth measured some and told me this is what she wanted....anyway......I put the patch type pocket on the outside back of the shorts......I love yours but it slows me down and I am always sewing with a "red hot needle and a burning thread"! Yours look great.....let's hope mine fit Thompson like they should! I am so proud of you fellow sewer!

  2. hey kim!
    i love reading your blog and especially seeing your sewing projects! So cute!
    I used the Jackson (childrens corner) pattern for shorts for my little boy and have like them! They are just basic elastic waist pockets!
    your kids are adorable!!
    courtney (strubel) armistead