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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Lee Family headed to Lake Martin for the 4th. As always we had a blast. It is so fun this summer because Ella loves everything about the lake. It was a little crazy getting out the door on Wednesday because I was trying to do as much finalizing for Ireland (Murray and I are now in Ireland, more to come on that later) as I could before we left for the lake. On top of that, I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday afternoon. Murray could not get home in time so our sweet neighbor came over to watch the kids until Murray got home. When Ella woke up from her nap, our neighbor did not change her diaper. Then when Murray got home, he did not change her diaper. In the rush of getting everyone and the dog out the door I forgot to change Ella's diaper. So when we pulled up to the lake at 10:30p.m. Ella's diaper was just a little full! Murray went to pick Ella up and said "Oh Ella". Ella finished his sentence saying "I'm soakin wet Daddy." Her shorts were soaked, the front of her top was soaked and the car seat was soaked. Oh it was awful. For a second I had the panic thought that I had actually forgotten to put a diaper on. Oh, but no it was just so full that it was literally disintegrating! Fortunately that is the only awful parenting story or funny/disastrous story of the weekend.

Oh, except maybe the sparklers...

I thought Ella would love sparklers this year and oh she did...

for about 5 seconds before the sparkles got too close to her hand and she totally freaked out! This is an action shot of Murray grabbing the sparkles so Ella would not. What a great Daddy!

Ella and MIller in their 4th of July attire. I can only dress them matching for a short time and you better believe while I can I will!!! So cute!

I know, I know, we have the entire lake and we swim in the baby pool. Ella just loves it so much.

Miller on the other hand did not like it so much.


  1. i love your new picture on the looks just like what goes on in our house!

    their outfits are too cute!!

  2. Too funny. Usually, I'm the sweet neighbor you refer to on your blog ;o) For the record, it was not me who didn't change the diaper....
    note to kim- can you imagine what would happen if we posted that would have been nothing... ;o)

  3. oh michelle, i cannot even begin to imagine what would happen!

  4. Love the new pic at the top - hilarious! Life with two, huh??