Monday, July 14, 2008

Culture Shock

(We are now home! but I did not have a chance to post this once we arrived to London. Pictures from London to come).

Our time here has actually been pretty smooth, but there is a big difference. This is a good story that shows the difference of American and Irish view of time.

Allie Butler, one of the college students on the trip, was asked to perform at a theatre about 45 minutes from Dublin. Murray, Mary and I went with her Saturday night as her groupies/safety net. We were told that Allie was to go on at 8:00. We decided being responsible Americans we should get to the theatre at least 45 minutes early so Allie could have her sound check. Because of train times we arrived about an hour early. The first thing we did when we arrived in Greystones was check the train time. The last train to Dublin was at 9:30 which we thought would be cutting it close, but if Allie performed at 8:00 we should be fine. When we got to the theatre Murray went to talk to the manager to make sure he knew that we needed to catch the train at 9:30. He said oh, no one will even get here until around 10:00. We though Allie would go on around midnight. When Murray asked him about the original 8:00 time he just said oh, well yea, 12:00 would be better. So, the laid back Irish man compromised with the rigid Americans and Allie performed at 11:00 and a taxi was called for us. It was a very cool experience and Allie was awesome. Because of the mix up in times we got to eat dinner in a very posh restaurant in our own private dinning room.

Our Private Dining Room

Murray's Dinner - It was sooo good!

Allie performing (this picture does not capture how cool the theatre was)

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