Sunday, July 13, 2008

De Ja Vu

It has been such a neat experience being back in the same places with Murray that we were 7 years ago while studying abroad. Two days ago we did the hike in Glendalough (pictures later, I had the wrong camera with me). The last time we were in Glendalough, it was October which is definitely not high tourist season in Ireland. I remember thinking we had discovered a gem that no one knew about. This trip we realized how popular it was. But as we hiked up there were less and less people. It was everything you would imagine Ireland to be. Truly beautiful.

Today the group went to a small costal town, Greystones. We provided music for worship this morning and then a concert this evening. In the afternoon break, we hiked along the coast from Greystones to Brey. Murray and I had also done this hike. We just have such sweet memories and it is so great to be back. Tomorrow we head to London where we will celebrate our 6th anniversary by reliving our first date!

We started the hike out by eating lunch in a field on the Greystones side of the trail.

Group Pic

The train headed from Brey to Greystones. If you look closely you can see the ledge were the trail is that we walked.

Monty (Pastor of Greystones Presbyterian Church) looking very contemplative.

Our reward at the end of the hike.


  1. Great post!! The trip looks and sounds amazing! Have fun reliving your first date!!!

  2. The pictures are beautiful! Glad you guys are having a fun trip!

  3. Looks MUCH cooler than it is here at home, no doubt. Happy anniversary!