Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pop Goes the Wiggles

Anyone who has spent any time at our house with Ella knows that she LOVES The Wiggles! I do not even want to take a guess at how many times we have watched The Wiggles movies. Well, The Wiggles finally came to Birmingham! As you can imagine, Ella loved, loved, loved it! When they first came out she was almost in shock, she did not know what to do. Then she started waving to all The Wiggles saying, "Hi Jeff" "Hi Anthony" "Hi Murray" "Hi Greg". She danced and sang during the entire concert! But, I don't know who had more fun Ella or Murray and me. It was so much fun to see Ella so excited. Murray's comments about the concert, "That was the best concert I have ever been to, even better than Willie Nelson." And that is saying a lot for Murray! It is amazing how your perspective changes once you have kids!

Toot Toot Chuga Chuga Big Red Car

Ella did not know what to do when The Wiggles came out. She was in shock!

Ella waving to The Wiggles as they came out.

Ella dancing like the ballerinas.


  1. sarah ann will be so jealous! we do love the wiggles in the cameron house and we were thinking of bringing her to birmingham to see them. obviously, that didn't work out for us..maybe another time.

  2. That's awesome! I like The Wiggles! All the kids I babysit for have been obsessed with them at one time or another!