Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Hokey Pokey

Ella's Great Aunt and Uncle, Aunt Arden and Uncle Danny, sent her this awesome skirt and beautiful princess shoes for her birthday. Not only is the skirt super cute and Ella loves dressing up in it, it also plays The Hokey Pokey! As you can imagine Ella loves it! These pictures capture Ella's spirit perfectly!


  1. i can't get over how cute she is!!! LOVE the skirt and the slippers!!!

  2. Love all the recent pics and postings! Miller looks JUST like his daddy!!..and you look great! I can just imagine how much FUN Ella's new skirt is - all we do is wear tutu's around here!:)

  3. I need a skirt like that! Who wouldn't love an impromptu Hokey Pokey!