Tuesday, June 10, 2008


For those of you who have talked to me about Miller for more than 5 minutes you know that I have a little bit of Mommy guilt about him being in "contraption" all the time. Now that he is a little bigger (well maybe a lot bigger), I do not get as nervous leaving him on the floor. But I cannot go far with him on the floor, between Ella and Sage, there is no telling what can happen to him. And when he looks at me with those big eyes and a huge bottom lip asking "Mommy why did you let this happen to me," I just cannot handle it! Therefore Miller spends most of his either in baby contraptions or in my arms. Until now it was the swing (which he loves so there is very little guilt), the bouncy seat (he is loving less) and the bumbo (he is not crazy about). But now, Miller is big enough for the exersaucer! This was a very big turning point for Ella when she was a baby so we were looking forward to it for Miller. The exersaucer helps with my Mommy guilt because I think it teaches Miller to play by himself and he is safe:)

Miller was not quite sure about the exesaucer at first.

Slowly warming up to it...

Ok, now I am loving it!

Who is that cute baby?

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  1. i LOVE that last picture of him looking in the mirror!! hooray for the exersaucer!!