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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ella is TWO!!!

Hooray! Finally some new pictures! This post is only a month and a half late! Yes this does mean that I finally got an external hard drive and can put my pictures on the computer. However I am not fully up and running so it may be a few more days. I think what I am going to do is try to catch up on my posting. I know that most of you are not going to care too too much about what has been going on the past month, but this is more for myself (I have high aspirations of printing these one day and making a book. this will give my children some sort of memory book) and my mom who does faithfully print each post.

Should have been posted April 16, 2008
Ella's birthday was a blast! It was a little bit colder than we would have expected in the middle of April, but don't worry the weather did not deter me from dressing Miller and Ella in the outfits I made especially for the party thinking it was going to be very hot at the park. I spent all that time, they were going to wear it! Ella did not miss a beat. Miller however was a little cold. But they sure looked cute. It was so fun to watch Ella play with her friends. Of course she did not have a clue that they were all together to celebrate her birthday. A party at the park never fails!
Ella is ready for "Happy Birthday"! She has been practicing for weeks.

Ella's birthday cake was made of small cupcakes. She could not have been more excited! Cupcakes are her very favorite!

Ella was so sweet to share with Granna and EG

And what did Miller think of all the attention Ella was getting? Well it was a little chilly so he had to stay in his stroller to keep warm which meant not so much attention. At first he was his normal, happy self.

But after awhile, he said enough is enough, I want some attetion!


  1. i can't believe that she is 2! the party looked like so much fun and her little dress was adorable. i love the fabric!

  2. what fun pics....especially the one of ella on the table and miller in the stroller! looks like a lot of fun.
    hope chicago was a fun getaway!

  3. what a fun time!! Ella are Miller are so adorable!! LOVED all the party pics!!!