Sunday, June 8, 2008

Miller's Firsts

Over the past two months Miller has had a lot of firsts! This is one of the reasons I was so upset about losing all my pictures because i had not written anything down, I was just going to rely on my camera for all dates when I downloaded them onto the computer. Thank goodness they were all recovered. Here are a few of his firsts. (the dates are more for me)

Miller started playing with his toys! He loves his zebra. (April 30, 2008)

Miller's first bites. (May 8, 2008) Miller was not to fond of eating rice cereal. He still does not love to eat solid foods, but obviously it is not affecting him too much!

Miller rolled over! (May 10, 2008). He had actually rolled over on his own maybe one or two time before this. I felt like the worst mom taking these pictures while he was screaming, but it was such a big day for him I just wanted to document it.

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