Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you have little ones, they are probably now at home running around the house going crazy because they are so excited about Christmas!  I usually try to have a few fun "Christmasy" things to do with the kids to channel that energy into something productive (code for: disrupt the normal activity of pulling out every toy, every article of clothing and every article of dress up clothes and dragging them around the house).  

This is a fun, easy project for little ones that will keep them busy (a productive, not destructive busy) and you will be able to keep them forever with your Christmas ornaments and remember your special times together!

You need 4 popsicle sticks.  I glued them together (with hot glue gun) before I called the kids into the kitchen.
Then I let them have fun with markers
and sequins.
The best thing about this is you can use whatever fun, sparkly and glittery things you have at home:)
We made these as examples for Miller's for Miller's class Christmas party.

As excited as Miller was about teaching his friends how to make their own Christmas tree ornaments, I think the Christmas Sprinkle Covered Donuts were the biggest hit of the Christmas Party!

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