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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Hearts

Well, all picture days are not created equal.  Neither Ella or Sara Wells were in the picture taking mood today, but I wanted to share their cute Valentine's outfits.  

 (this is the best picture I could get of them together)

When thinking about what I wanted to make for Valentine's Day, I really wanted to make something they they could both wear into the summer since cold weather clothes wearing is almost over (hopefully.  Only one month left is not enough time in my book to make more winter clothes).  I saw this really cute knit at Hobby Lobby and this idea instantly popped into my head.  Ella LOVES (could not emphasize that enough) knit outfits.  Her very favorite outfit is a purple knit skirt and t-shirt from target.  I hid it about a month ago because she kept trying to wear it and it is way too cold outside to wear a skirt that is too short and a short sleeved t-shirt.  It only took a few days for her to find it and be-bop into my room so proud of what she had found.  Anyways, out of her love for knit clothing, I thought I would make her a new knit skirt and new cute ruffly tee.  My instincts were right, Ella loves it and asks to wear it everyday!

I knew what I wanted to make Ella, but I just did not want to make Sara Wells a t-shirt.  Even though I knew I could make her some really cute bloomers for the summer to go with it, I just want to hold on to baby as long as I can and wanted to do something different, yet matching.  But I also wanted easy (one big benefit of knit is it is very easy!).  I just think you can never go wrong with a bubble for a baby/toddler and what better than a comfy knit bubble.  I had in mind that I would smock it, but as soon as I started putting the outfit together I realized if I pleated the fabric it might leave rows and rows of holes (disadvantage of knit).  So, I let go of my smocked vision and just gathered the neckline (again, this is one of the easiest outfits!!!).  It turned out really cute!  My hope is that I can cut off the legs and have a short bubble for the summer.


  1. Cute cute! You go girl! You would LOVE sewing on those knits with a serger! I am always so proud of you!

  2. Kim - did you do those hearts the same way you did the Christmas trees or are they "quilted"? Always love seeing what you do with and for your kids.