Monday, February 28, 2011

Back Home

We made it back!  And oh what a wonderful time we had!  We had snow the last day, which was actually much needed because it had been bright and sunny the previous three days.  If you are planning a trip for next year, President's Week (we did not ski President's Day) is a great time to go!  We had the slopes to ourselves!  

Here are just a few pictures from our trip.  These are phone pictures, I was not going to lug my camera with me, nor did we stop long enough to take pictures.  I also hate to pull my hands out of my gloves for any reason once I am bundled up, so if there are any ski pictures, they are rarely taken by me.

We left a chilly 20 degrees in Denver for 70 degrees in Birmingham.  We spent all day Saturday outside with the kids.  Oh, we love these warm sunny days!

Sara Wells loves driving her car.
 Ella and Miller sat and watched Murray saw up an entire tree.
 Miller rescued some army men that went MIA during his birthday party.
 While Miller played with his rescued army men, Ella continued her search for pixie dust.
And what happens when you chop up a tree?  You have to split the wood.  Ella helped Murray split all the wood and then stack it all.  Ella loves to help her Daddy.
Murray and I always enjoy our time away, but we love coming home to our precious children who are so full of life and adventure.  


  1. Fun glad that you got to do that. I am so ready for warmer has flirted here but keeps going back to the cold......we head for the beach in 2 weeks....YEAH!

  2. so glad that y'all got to get away! and i love that sara wells is searching for pixie dust!!! we love peter pan at our house. john randall is always hook or peter, and charlie is smee!!