Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little Overdue

First off, does it get any cuter than this???  Murray took this picture the other night with his phone (hints the poor quality) after Sara Wells bath.  Oh my!  Melt my heart.

I realize that on the birthday posts, I promised I would tell you how I made these party hats and I just totally forgot.  I am telling you, these are soooo easy to make and soooo cute!  I first saw them on Ruffles and Stuff (cannot find the tutorial) a long time ago.  I remember thinking they were such a cute idea.  Then around the first of the year they popped up again on Tatertots and Jello around the first of the year and just knew I had to do them for Sara Wells' party.
 First pick out your scrapbook paper.
Measure 11 inches from the top corner across the bottom of the paper.  (The original post said to measure 10 inches.  I tried this and it seemed a little small.  However 11 inches does make the hats kind of tall.  It is just up to your preference)
In the original post, she used fabric for the ruffles.   Which was so cute!  I just knew I did not have time to coordinate fabric with the scrapbook paper.  So, I used crepe paper.  I think it turned out pretty cute and was so easy.

Push the paper up under the pressure foot as you are sewing (just use a normal straight stitch)
 Do the same across the top.
I used hot glue to close them up, a stapler might be a little faster.

Use elastic thread for the string that goes under the neck (I think I made mine 10 inches, but it has been a few weeks and I really don't remember.  So sorry).  

And look at those happy babies! 


  1. Absolutely adorable......I love these hats.....the papers you used were so cute....and that first picture of Sara Wells.......she is a honey!