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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

If you remember, Miller has recently become enthralled with Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  I think Miller has slept with them every night since he got them and they are never far from him when he is awake.  If he does not know where they are, he roams around the house saying "Buzz, Woody, where are you?"  It is pretty cute.  While we were in Ireland one of my mom's friends came a stayed with her a few days to help her with Miller and Ella.  She knew a quick way to Miller's heart!  My mom and Murray's mom kept talking about how much Miller loved Marty.  Of course he did, she gave him a Buzz Lightyear costume!  What else could a boy want?

"To Infinity and Beyond."  (I could not capture him zooming around, but that is what happens next)

We had the most beautiful day today!  The kids were actually ok with being outside for more than five minutes.  Since it was so pretty and the kids were loving being outside, we had a picnic in our driveway. They thought it was the coolest thing.  It is almost as if they have forgotten that it is fun to play outside.  This summer has been killer, but today we got a taste of the coming cool weather of the fall.
Funny story that I probably should not admit.  I decided that it would be way too much effort to try to feed Sara Wells outside, so I just fed her her bottle and a little bit of bread while we had our picnic.  My plan was to feed her once we got inside.  This afternoon when I was looking back at the pictures of our picnic I realized I never fed Sara Wells!  Whoops.  Sorry Little Bit!

Big news of the day, Sara Wells is now mobile!  For the past few days she has really been trying and moving a tiny bit.  But she really turned a corner today and now makes some serious forward motion!  And she is so proud of herself.  Ella and Miller think it is great right now.  They put toys in front of her to get her to crawl towards them.  I have a feeling they are not going to like it too much when she starts crawling to their things and messing up their toys.  I am sure that we are in for some fun filled days in the future!
A few last pictures of the day.  There was a huge fight over who was going to get to sweep up Miller's snack that he spilled.  If only the deep down desire to clean the house will last into their teenage years!


  1. Just so cute....your sweet blogs take me back to those same times at my house. How many times did I forget to feed one of is called life! They look so cute on the driveway on the is amazing how those little things become their favorite memories!

  2. Questions that have nothng to do with your post: (smile)
    1. Did you make Ella's skirt?
    2. Do you use a pattern for all the shorts you make Miller or just make a pattern from other shorts?
    3. Would you email me and answer?
    j.bkicklighter at sbcglobal. net

    Comment: LOVE reading about your family.

  3. oh my goodness! i cant believe how quickly she is growing! can't waste time joining in with m and e!