Friday, August 6, 2010


Murray's granddad went to be with the Lord last night. PawPaw would have been 94 this Saturday. What a birthday present, to be singing with the angels worshiping God in heaven! We have tears here for the man we love, but we know exactly where PawPaw is and that is something to rejoice about. Death is always a reminder of what our life should truly be about. Our life here is only preparation to spend eternity in heaven with our Father.

PawPaw is a pillar of faith for the Lee Family. He represents generations of Lee's who have loved the Lord. What a heritage he has left his children, their children and our children.

4 Generations of Lee Men


  1. What a sweet testimony. I know Murray's granddad is so proud of the legacy he has left behind.

  2. Kim! What a sweet sweet post! And a sweet sweet family! Praying for y'all!