Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just in Case You Were Wondering...

If the fire alarm is pulled, the fire department still has to come even if you call them and let them know it was just pulled by a child.

How do I know this? Miller pulled the fire alarm at church today!
The good things:
Miller pulled the fire alarm after church was over
For some reason there was not a loud alarm going off, there was just a voice over a speaker saying "emergency, evacuate immediately." I don't even think Ella and Miller noticed what was going on.
The fire truck did arrive very promptly, but I don't think that Miller or Ella had a clue that the fire truck arriving was connected to Miller pulling the bright red handle that was just his height.

So, hopefully Miller will not do this again! The odds are much higher since he did not connect the fire truck with the alarm. I do have to say I kind of saw it coming. Miller has been eyeing that bright red handle for several weeks. After church I tend to be a little distracted, but usually I get to Miller before his curiosity takes over. Did not catch Miller fast enough today. I was actually already out the door when he pulled the alarm. One thing is true, Miller keeps us on our toes. Never a dull day at the Lee House!


  1. I just LOVE reading this....the preacher's kid sets off the church fire cool is that?! I would love to meet Miller....he sounds like my kind of guy!

  2. That is hilarious, Kim! Nathan did the very same thing at the gym in the middle of a basketball game when he was about Miller's age. Yep - firemen everywhere! They were not very happy with us - wanted to write a citation, but the coach intervened. Whew! Maybe I should give you a few more pointers for the days ahead son was a mess through the years!