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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Review

Just a few pictures from our weekend. Nothing spectacular, just everyday happenings at the Lee House. It is easy for me to get caught up in laundry, making lunches, constantly picking up, dealing with whining and forget to enjoy the everyday little things with my kids. Sometimes I have to step back and realize how delightful these everyday things of life are.

Picnic in the kitchen. Now that Sara Wells is sitting up, she is becoming more and more a part of Ella and Miller's life. I plopped Sara Wells down in the kitchen to get something done. She was not thrilled at being put down (big surprise), so sweet Ella and Miller brought their snack into the kitchen to eat with her.

Usually my complaint is that Ella and Miller do not play with toys. It is still true for Ella. But Miller has definitely started to play with his toys a lot more. The only thing is he does not seem content to play with just one toy. He literally pulls out every one. Here are two pictures of Miller's "playing." At least he is finally playing with his toys!

The Mark Lee clan got together for dinner Saturday night, which of course meant our new cousins! We have discovered the biggest form of torture for Ella. Stephen arrived at our house with Chloe and Fitz a few minutes before Wellon. It was time for the babies to eat, but they were happy so Stephen did not want to get them out of their car seats for fear of what that might do to their mood. Well, Ella was not to thrilled with that decision. She sat on the floor letting Uncle Stephen know every time either baby looked like they might be thinking about crying. The quote of the night was, "Uncle Stephen Chloe really looks like she is about to cry. I think she really needs her cousin!" Luckily Wellon was only about 5 minutes behind. I think those were the longest 5 minutes of Ella's life!

It has been so fun to watch Sara Wells grow and start interacting with us. This weekend she loved sitting with Chloe! I think this was the first time she has interacted with Chloe and Fitz. As hard as I tried, I could not get a picture capturing her full excitement. At one point she held Chloe's hand with the biggest grin on her face. So sweet!

Miller has got the sweetest heart and loves his sisters. Today when Miller woke up from his nap Sara Wells was happily playing with one of his toys. Miller has not been too sure how he feels about Sara Wells playing with his things. But this afternoon he was so sweet with her, even showing her how it worked.

Notice Sara Wells' runny nose.

Sweet Miller loving on Sara Wells

Ooops, that did not last too long. Miller totally lost it when he got Sara Wells' runny nose on his arm.

Hope y'all had a great weekend full of everyday delights :)

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