Friday, July 2, 2010

Change of Plans

So sad, we had to leave the lake before all of the 4th of July activities began. Yesterday when I got Sara Wells up from her nap she felt extremely hot and when I took her temperature, it was 102! This morning it had not really gone down and Miller had a fever too. Since Chloe and Fitz were coming this afternoon, I knew we needed to come home and let the house clear of germs before the babies came. Sadly we all packed up and headed home.

I think the kids were actually pretty excited to come home. I can understand, it is always nice to come home after you have been away for awhile. However, I was just looking forward to being at the lake with everyone and was so excited to be there with Murray. Anyways, we are home and finally with Murray and it is very nice to be home, together! The first thing Ella did when she got home... put on her dress up. Within 5 minutes of being home, Ella had already had a wardrobe change.

Thank goodness Sara Wells' fever broke tonight (exactly 24 hours) and we are hoping Miller's will break tonight so we can head back to the lake tomorrow night or after church Sunday.

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