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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Precious Minutes

Miller has two stuffed animals that rarely ever leave his side, a pig and a lion. Miller is totally attached to his "Kiggy" and "Ion". I don't know if you all have been formally introduced to Miller's best friends.

Meet Kiggy

Meet Ion

This is Miller's comfort stance. Miller goes to sleep sucking his thumb and smelling Kiggy's tail. A sign of Miller's affection is begin allowied to smell Kiggy's tale. The tale also has magical healing powers. Any time Miller has a booboo, he rubs Kiggy's tail on it (after it is cleaned and bandaged) and the pain is soothed. It is really the sweetest thing to watch.

I am sitting at the dinning room table and I have just wasted about 30 minutes blog hopping. The time I get during nap time is very precious to me (probably too precious). I usually try to be very productive. This is usually when I try to get any projects done that I do not need little hands getting involved in. Today when everyone finally got settled down I pulled out my bible study materials to try to make some significant headway while the kids were asleep and things were still fresh on my mind. I opened up my computer and instantly got distracted and before I knew it 30 minutes had flown by. As soon as I used all of my self-discipline to close the internet and open up what I was working on Miller started talking. My immediate thought was frustration, "Why is he already awake? Now I cannot work on bible study." Then I put it in perspective and realized ok, I am the one who just wasted 30 minutes, it is my fault that I lost my window of opportunity not his. As I am trying to remind myself that it is my fault, not his, I start to pay attention to what Miller is saying. In his sweet little voice he is in his bed saying, "Ion, where are you? Where are you. Ion, Ion, where are you." It made me stop and laugh and realize what precious time I have with these wonderful kids! I know that it is good for me to have a break and to have some things of my own that I do, but at the same time I think I can cling too tightly to "my time" and get very defensive of the kids interrupting what I think is mine. These years go by too quickly. Sometimes I just need little wake up calls reminding of that so that I can enjoy them as much as possible while they are still young and love being home. Before long they are going to be so busy that I will be longing for those few minutes in the afternoon when it was just us.

Sara Wells is now taking a big girl bath. Today in my "few precious minutes" with just Sara Wells, we enjoyed bath time.

(can you believe that crazy hair???)


  1. Kim, those pictures are precious! We have some similar ones of Thomas with his blanket and I just cherish them. Your kids are super adorable and I can't believe what I big girl SW is!!

  2. i love those pictures of sara wells!