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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well, Maybe Not So Random Illnesses

I cannot believe it has been a week since my last post about random illnesses. In a way it seems like yesterday and in a way it seems like forever ago! Our house has been one sad little house! Miller's fever turned out to be that his ear infection never went away and it spread to both ears. The day I took Miller in Ella had a fever and felt terrible, so Dr. Whitaker looked at her and sure enough she had an ear infection as well. Usually that is an easy cure for her, but she got so sick that night. I think it was because her fever got so high. I have never seen Ella that sick, it was pitiful. She really just started eating yesterday, but she is definitely on the mend! Poor Miller on the other hand is just now getting the brunt of it. When we went in on Wednesday Dr. Whitaker was amazed that it had not affected his breathing. I think we got excited a little too soon. He started having breathing problems the next day and we have now been to the doctor two more times. It is just going to take time for it to pass through his little system. All in all, this is not a big deal. Miller and Ella are fine. I say all this just to ask for your prayers over our family. Most of you know that Murray is the pastor of a church plant that we just started last fall. I really believe that this is one way that Satan attacks our family. Please pray for healing for our children and protection from the Evil One! These illnesses have really not been anything major, but they are just little things that can wear Murray and me down. Murray just finished preaching through Ephesians and ended with The Armor of God. He reminded us that we are in a battle with the enemy and we must actively stand guard against the attacks of Satan. Please pray for strength for our family! We know you all have been praying and so appreciate it! Please do not stop!

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