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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Progress Report

Honestly, I thought this report was going to be very grim. There was absolutely no luck yesterday. Up until yesterday, Ella has loved sitting on the potty. But now that she actually has to do something on it, she hates it! Every time the timer went off yesterday Ella cried, "Mommy I don't want to tt on the big girl potty. I am all done with big girl panties." I tried to push lots of fluids yesterday so that she would have to go more, but it was like she knew. She refused to drink anything, even a Capri Sun, which she never gets at home. When we first started, Ella's reward was one M&M for dry panties and two for tt. When I realized this was a matter of will against will, Ella was no longer allowed to watch TV and her reward for going on the potty was the whole bag of M&M's (minature bag). Anyone who knows Ella well knows that she loves chocolate and she loves to watch The Wiggles and Strawberry Shortcake. When neither of those worked for bribery, I knew this was going to be a little more difficult than I had expected.

I would say yesterday was a complete failure! Today started out the same, except for the fact that Ella drank a lot this morning which I believe is what helped! We had four accidents before lunch time, two of which were literally seconds before the timer went off. After lunch we were playing downstairs when the timer went off. So, we tried a new bathroom. I don't know exactly what did the trick, a new location, sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes, or Ella's overwhelming desire for M&M's and Strawberry Shortcake. Whatever it was, I do not care. Ella finally went!!!! And she knew she could go more and so she did. As soon as she finished she jumped off the toilet and yelled "now I can have the whole bag and watch Strawberry Shortcake!" over and over. Big success! And it happened two more times with only one minor accident which ended with going on the potty! Hopefully we will have the same success after naptime!

Here is a picture of Ella watching Strawberry Shortcake. Look how enthralled she is!


  1. Hang in there, Kim! She will get it. By the way, Tucker earned Thomas Trains for having accident free days. We almost went broke during potty-training. Stick with M&Ms- they are inexpensive! Don't get discouraged.

  2. you are doing a great job. it's a process..but just hang in there. she will get it!

    sarah ann loves the wiggles too. btw..have you seen the wiggles without greg? there's a new yellow wiggle named sam.

  3. yes, i do not like the new wiggles! but ella still loves it. we went to the concert this summer and it was with sam not greg. i like sam, just not the new show.