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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We have a wonderful christmas tree family tradition. We usually go to get our tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving (had to be delayed until Monday this year bc of a little throw up bug). We stop and get egg nog then come home, put on Willie Nelson Christmas drink our egg nog and decorate the tree! This year Ella stayed for all of the decorating. I think we put up all the decorations in record time this year (one time through Willie Nelson Christmas and two times through Bing Crosby's Christmas). I think it is because we did not have many strands of lights and we were not going back out to the store. I have been known to put 20 strands on the tree. This year I think it was only 8 or 9.

Ella and Murray picking out the perfect tree

The Lee Family 2008 Christmas Tree

Miller was not left out of all the festivities, he and Ella had a good game of chase/wrestle in christmas pj's.


Oh, Ella loves Egg Nog!

Ella did a great job putting on the ornaments this year. Although she kept wanting to put them on and then take them off again.

Murray putting the Angel on the tree! Oh I love our house decorated for Christmas!


  1. You needed lights?! You know we have over 300 strands that weren't put up this year....Walk on over and pick some up- any color!

  2. Fun!..and I love that you have a tradition already! I'm so inspired!

  3. Kim....I love keeping up with your sweet family on this blog....such fun.....the "polka-dot" top that Daveney has on is the Children's Corner "Libby" jumper that I shortened to make a top for pants...and the Christmas outfits are the Little Memories "All is calm, all is bright" design smocked on a Ellen McCarn Yoke Dress pattern....Thompson's is just one of the reindeeer smocked on "Jordan" by Maja's Heirlooms.....I love seeing your sewing!

  4. thank you thank you! i have been looking for a good yoke dress pattern. and i just love that libby top! it is so cute!