Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan had a great Halloween!

These two are my favorite pictures!

Grace, Miller and Ella

The Reddens (who Ella just loves!!!!) came by to trick-or-treat.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (baby Kelsey who is actually two weeks older than Miller. Miller is huge!)

Ella ending the night showing me all her candy. Can you tell she was loving it! The mean mommy that I am, I already threw it all away! I know, horrible. But Saturday was just horrible and Ella only had one small bag of M&M's. I figured the next month could be awful, always fighting the battle that sugar produces, or I could just solve the problem and get rid of the candy. Ella loved the candy Friday night and ate a ton of it and that was that. It was kind of sad today in the car she asked if she could have her roll up (fruit roll up) and I told her all the candy was gone. She seemed a little sad, but ok with it. Still, I have no regrets!


  1. you are not a terrible mother at all. when sarah ann got home from the carnival we went to, i immediately went through all the candy and got rid of most of it. i saved a few things that i wanted and then a few for her to have after dinner this week. i did the same thing with easter candy.

    i love their outfits. i can't believe how big miller is!! he looks bigger than thomas!

  2. i LOVE the picture of Ella reaching for the door bell...that is hysterical!!!

  3. love tinkerbell and peter pan- adorable. miss you my friend. did whitney come visit this weekend? i think i saw that on her blog. my how life has changed since canterbery gardens...