Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Joys of Motherhood

Ella has gotten very lovey-dovey lately. She loves giving big hugs and kisses. It is soooo sweet and she has quickly learned that it can melt mommy's heart in almost any situation (especially during discipline, although I have developed a little bit tougher skin). The other night Murray was not home and I had already put Miller to bed so it was just Ella and Mommy for about 30 minutes. So, of course Ella wanted to read. We snuggled up in her chair and read probably 5 or 6 books (now her books are longer, so this was some good Mommy Ella time). In the middle of one of the books Ella reach up around my neck and leaned forward, so of course I thought she was leaning in for a big hug and kiss. I leaned forward and squeezed her. I was thinking this is just great! What a sweet girl we have. As she leaned forward to give me a "kiss" I realized something was not right. It took me a second to realize that Ella was wiping her nose on my FACE! Ella has gotten very particular about not letting her nose run. Since she did not have a tissue, I guess she thought Mommy's face was second best! Oh the Joys!


  1. ahhh..good times! we're still trying to get sarah ann to remember to get a tissue instead of wiping it on her sleeve, arm, into her hair etc...

  2. great story!! i can just imagine your reaction:)