Monday, August 11, 2008

Two Teeth in Two Days

And all that goes with it! Miller has been working on his front bottom teeth for it seems more than two months. But these past few weeks, he has been working very hard and finally Saturday night the first one popped through and last night the second. So this week we have been dealing with lots of crying, lots of fussing, lots of poop, lots of snot and lots and lots of drool! For me, the drool is the worst! As cute as he is and as much as I love him, all the slobber is just gross!

When he teeth are showing a little more I will get a good picture.


  1. Right there with you, Kim! Collier's four molars all broke in within two days of each other! At least teething doesn't last for too long! Hope Miller starts feeling better soon.

  2. Miller and Ella are so cute! I love keeping up with you guys. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog. Glad to know that Miller's teeth are finally coming in..Tripp's bottom teeth came in when he was 4 months old.