Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Future Olympian

As alluded to in an earlier post, we have been watching a lot of the Olympics. The most surprising thing about it is how much Ella has loved The Olympics! She has especially loved the gymnastics and diving. The first event that Ella watched was the gymnastics. She love, love, loved it! She immediately started trying to do forward rolls. This was especially hilarious to us because we had never tried to teach her how to do this. She did it all on her own.

This fall Ella starts preschool and Miller is going to Mother's Day Out. I cannot believe that Ella is going to preschool, but that is a different blog. Anyways, the only downfall is that the days do not exactly line up. Ella's preschool is Wednesday and Friday and Miller has Mother's Day Out on Monday. At first i was a little bummed, but I realized that Ella and I could have a special day together. I had been looking into things for us to do together and really thought about dance classes. However, after seeing Ella so excited about the gymnastics, Murray and I knew she had to do gymnastics.

Yesterday was our first class and Ella loved it! It was great! We ran, hopped, jumped on the trampoline, walked on the balance beam, jumped off mats, crawled under mats, rolled down mats. And Ella was loving every minute of it! It is actually one of the first times I have seen Ella get tired and need to sit down and rest.


  1. AWE!!! I miss Ella!! She could not be cuter!!! squeeze her for me!!!

  2. That is so cute!! How much FUN! I definitely need to look into that for D! Looks like a nice gym!

  3. OH MY WORD! AND THAT OUTFIT...I need more details and pictures!

    put her in your suitcase and bring her when you come.